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Our Commitment To Your Organization.

You need to create new awareness, excitement and interest in your organization. As your creative navigator and digital media consultant, Mindstorm will help you gain new market momentum and foster higher levels of support for your organization.

Our digital multimedia solutions will fundamentally change the way the world sees your organization. Our technical applications are built on rich design that promotes your cause in new ways and across varied markets.

What Mindstorm Creative, Inc. offers:
  • Effective Communication: We help non-profit organizations radically rethink the way they communicate their message with donors, stakeholders and the community.

  • Creative Resource: We are a creative navigator that guides and directs our clients through evolving technology. Mindstorm produces singularly original interactive social media experiences that fundamentally shifts the conversation and helps our clients turn supporters into raving fans.

  • Increase Capabilities: Our team produces visually appealing, effective solutions that increase an organization’s capability for fundraising, community awareness and activism.

  • Exceptional Service: We offer all-encompassing personal care and attentive service for our clients before, during and after their media development project.

  • Flexible Solutions: Our team is flexible, creative and accommodating in meeting the challenges of any situation while protecting our clients from stress and worry.

  • Creative Vision: We have the ability to understand multiple points of view and translate often vague ideas and thoughts into visually exciting and compelling interactive media solutions.
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Mindstorm Creative, Inc. has a heart for our community and we want to help non-profits further their mission and message.

This blog is designed to be a resource for non-profits. We cover all aspects of digital media marketing with a particular focus on interactive media solutions.


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